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Bhubaneswar, October, 29, 2013
POSCO India Distributes Consolation Cheques to Phailin affected families in Project Area

Bhubaneswar, October, 28, 2013
POSCO-India contributes Rs 1 crore to CM’s Relief Fund

August, 12, 2013
Response on the Report 'The price of steel: Human rights and forced evictions in the POSCO INDIA project'

July, 16, 2013
POSCO closes its proposed 6MTPA Steel Plant Project in Karnataka

Jun, 24, 2013
World's Most Competitive Steelmaker for 4 consecutive years

Bhubaneswar, May, 10, 2013
POSCO INDIA CMD on the judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court
Bhubaneswar, November, 27, 2012
POSCO TJ Park Foundation Scholarship Award
June, 20, 2012
POSCO Tops 'World's Most Competitive Steelmaker' Rankings
Bhubaneswar, March, 1, 2012
On March 1, POSCO-India held the project seminar at its HRDC center located in Paradeep.
Press Release, January 31, 2011
Bhubaneswar, October 20, 2010
Regarding the opinion of Ms. Meena Gupta Committee reported in the media, POSCO has categorically stated that our Company has never violated any law or procedure for obtaining any governmental clearance whatsoever required for the Project
Bhubaneswar, March 30, 2010
United Action Committee & POSCO-India Talks Near Fruitful Conclusion
Bhubaneswar, February 24, 2010
POSCO’s Steel Making Technology Now Being Used To Save Seas
Bhubaneswar, February 10, 2010
POSCO in the list of 100 companies that will survive the next 100 years
Bhubaneswar, March 05, 2009
Mr. Choon-Kuhn Kwon is the New Chairman cum Managing Director of POSCO-India Private Limited

Bhubaneswar, March 30, 2008
Stance of POSCO-India on it’s ground breaking ceremony

Bhubaneswar, March 11, 2008
POSCO-India has never tried to woo the President of PPSS financially

Bhubaneswar, February 27, 2008
POSCO-India is not connected to slum eviction drive started by CTC Municipal Corporation.

Bhubaneswar, February 22, 2008
The 52 displaced families from Patna, Dhinkia relocate to Transit Colony

Bhubaneswar, February 01, 2008
POSCO- India announces R & R benefits

Bhubaneswar, January 31, 2008
POSCO Scholarship to 28 students from project site

Bhubaneswar, December 08, 2007
POSCO TJ Park Scholarship awarded to 29 meritorious students of Orissa

Bhutamundei, November 22, 2007
POSCO Youth Build program shifted to Delhi

Bhutamundei, November 15, 2007
Warming hearts & hearth

Bhubaneswar, November 15, 2007
Mr. UB Patnaik joins POSCO-India as Executive Director

Bhubaneswar, November 7, 2007
Transit Camp construction for the Homeless

Bhubaneswar, October 18, 2007
POSCO Steel's Board Meeting in India

Bhubaneswar, October 13, 2007
POSCO-India executives freed

Bhubaneswar, October 5, 2007
POSCO-India reinforces ethical 'Code of Conduct' for sustainable management

Bhubaneswar, September 28, 2007
POSCO-India Batch III Vocational Training concludes successfully

Bhubaneswar, September 27, 2007
CMD visits NALCO Smelter Plant in Angul

Bhubaneswar, August 31, 2007
CMD visits plant site 

Bhubaneswar, August 27, 2007
Overseas training program for Indian Executives 

New Delhi, August 16, 2007
POSCO & SAIL sign MoU to form strategic alliance

Bhubaneswar, July 16, 2007
POSCO-India's CSR Mission - to make life of People living in the project vicinity, BETTER than BEFORE

Bhubaneswar, May 30, 2007
POSCO completes commercialization of FINEX Technology

Bhubaneswar, March 20, 2007
All-women batch inducted for vocational training by POSCO-India 

Kujanga, March 19, 2007
POSCO-India initiates mobile health services 

Jagatsinghpur, January 29, 2007
POSCO-India joins hand with Government of Orissa to care for children with special needs
Bhubaneswar, January 4, 2007
POSCO-India’s drive to scale up local employment
Bhubaneswar, December 7, 2006
POSCO-India’s vocational training and job creation for the locals on the move
Bhubaneswar, December 2, 2006
POSCO-India launches Oriya version of its website
Bhubaneswar, November 24, 2006
NCAER projects unprecedented benefits from POSCO-India venture
Bhubaneswar, November 20, 2006
POSCO-India will provide land to betel vine cultivators
Bhubaneswar, November 1, 2006
POSCO joins indiaBUILDS campaign to help the homeless
Bhubaneswar, October 26, 2006
POSCO-India awards scholarship to varsity talents
Bhubaneswar, October 23, 2006
POSCO announces new investments in Mexico and Vietnam
Bhubaneswar, October 11, 2006
POSCO-India joins RVNL to create vital infrastructure in steel sector
Bhubaneswar, October 6, 2006
POSCO-India reinstates its website www.posco-india.com
Bhubaneswar, October 4, 2006
POSCO-India guarantees job and training for displaced families
Bhubaneswar, September 12, 2006
POSCO wins accolade for outstanding Sustainable Management
Kujanga, August 30, 2006
POSCO-India opens an office in Kujanga to get closer to people
Kujanga, August 28, 2006
POSCO-India launches Villager's Friendly Programme
Bhubaneswar, August 25, 2006
POSCO-India completes the 1st successful year
Bhubaneswar, August 10, 2006
POSCO-India Corporate Office relocates owing to growing number of employees
Bhubaneswar, July 20, 2006
POSCO-India Cleft Lip Surgery Camp concludes successfully
Bhubaneswar, July 17, 2006
Mr. Soung-Sik Cho, CMD of POSCO-India visited tribal school of KIIT
Jagatsinghpur, July 10, 2006
POSCO-India extends specialized medical assistance to the people of Orissa
Bhubaneswar, June 21, 2006
POSCO Reaffirms Commitment to India on its 1st MoU Anniversary
Bhubaneswar, June 15, 2006
POSCO-India offers scholarships for Indian Students
Bhubaneswar, April 22, 2006
POSCO-India at the Hannover Tech Fair
Bhubaneswar, March 31, 2006
POSCO-India to celebrate foundation day on Utkal Diwas
Bhubaneswar, February 24, 2006
POSCO gears up for global leadership; India investments to propel growth
New Delhi, February 24, 2006
POSCO gears up for global leadership; India investments to propel growth
Bhubaneswar, December 18, 2005
POSCO Board approves timelines for India project
Bhubaneswar, November 16, 2005
POSCO-India project well on track: POSCO Chairman
Bhubaneswar, August 30, 2005
POSCO incorporates Indian subsidiary
Bhubhaneswar, June 22, 2005
POSCO signs MoU with Government of Orissa to begin construction of a mega steel plant
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